Our story

Our story

Since 2008 the Looking for Learning Toolkit has supported many schools in their drive to become a learning-focused school.

Fieldwork Education has been helping schools all over the world get to the heart of the issue of learning for the past twenty five years. The same questions have always come up:

  • Are your children learning stuff or are they simply doing stuff?
  • Are your children busy, or are they busy learning?

As a consultancy, we have then supported and mentored these schools to help them understand what learning actually means and then helped them work out the best way to make learning happen, lesson by lesson, hour by hour, day by day, in every classroom.

In more recent years, this support developed into a more formal consultancy process called Looking for Learning.

Looking for Learning is a highly successful process, but it is expensive because of the consultancy support required and therefore prohibitive for some schools. As a result, in 2008 Fieldwork Education introduced the Looking for Learning Toolkit; a leadership toolkit for school improvement focused entirely on improving learning and relevant for schools throughout the world.