Professional Development

Professional Development

Fieldwork Education’s Professional Development team focuses on two crucial aspects of school life: implementing curriculum and improving learning. We provide schools with the ongoing support they need to develop children’s and teacher’s learning to the highest possible level.

We have practical, accessible and jargon-free professional development programmes at different levels to support school leaders and teachers with every aspect of the IPC, the IMYC and Looking for Learning. We also support school leaders and potential school leaders with their own personal professional development through the International Leadership and Management Program (ILMP).

Our trainers and facilitators are highly skilled educators who have all worked in classrooms and many have school management experience too. Every one of them has experience of working with thousands of teachers around the world each year.

Through Fieldwork Education’s provision of professional development, training, dialogue and, above all, the support in both successful and more challenging situations, the school developed its provision to provide a vastly improved international education. The commitment to the development of their services and products has been outstanding. They have kept to their agreements.

The level of interaction and professional dialogue has only served to develop all the people within, therefore providing new and improved services worldwide.

Mary van der Heijden

Vice Principal, United World College, South East Asia