ILMP Testimonials

The impact of the ILMP

Interview with Tom Rains and George Palmer, leaders from St Julians School, Portugal

Participating in the ILMP

Interview with Jennie Walker, Headteacher of St Columb Minor Academy, Cornwall, England

ILMP Middle Leader Course

The ILMP was an inspiring course to participate in. It was useful to discuss approaches to leadership and management at different schools and I left with practical tools that I feel prepared to implement. Thank you for an excellent set-up and thought-provoking content!

Sofi Centerman, Futuraskolan, Sweden

This was one of the most insightful and impressive CPD events I have attended. I can’t wait to try and put it into practice.

I have become more aware of different aspects of leadership and gained the vocabulary to reflect on leadership. I also acquired strategies to implement when I go back

Kate Moskwa, Taylor’s International School, Malaysia

The course was packed and demanding in terms of ‘thinking’ and ‘reflection

ILMP Participant 2016

It was a good place for networking. A lot has come out of this workshop. It was really useful couple of days. I really enjoyed it and have taken a lot away

Sam Crews, Nexus International School, Malaysia

I loved that the course was all about bringing it back to the IMPACT on learning. Such a simple thing to have as a focus but it is so often forgotten by leaders. When you have this as a clear outcome, it really does help focus what you are doing and why.

ILMP Participant 2016

During the course I was able to reflect on what I currently do and how I do it, and evaluate that in the light of the only really important benchmark – the impact on learning.

Emma Rooney, Taylor’s International School, Malaysia

The level of trust in the group was so high. The discussions were quite enriching

Samson Adegboyega, NLNG School, Nigeria

This course was exactly what I needed in order for me to move forward in my leadership role. I feel so much more confident and look forward to applying my new learning (both theory and application) back at school

Catherine Greenbank
Curriculum Coordinator, The Ela Murray International School, Papua New Guinea. ILMP Middle Leader Program 2013

This course really helped me to reflect on my strengths and areas for development as a leader within my school. I feel more confident and motivated to implement what I have learned about learning and leadership to develop our school further.

Rayna Birch
Deputy Head Teacher, BEPS International School, Belguim. ILMP Program 2015

The ILMP really reflected the way forward for learning, which is to put the learning into practice immediately. There was not one thing that was said throughout the ILMP that was not asking for reflection and for practical application. Everything that we learned had value and application within the school environment.

Beatrice Caston
International School of Dusseldorf, Germany. ILMP Senior Leader Program