11 July 2012

Leading the IPC Course has big impact on successful school

IPC member school Penwortham Primary in Wandsworth,  London just received excellent feedback from Ofsted for its art, craft and design subject inspection: Good with Outstanding features for quality of curriculum. Needless to say, EMA coordinator, Julia Thomas says that the recent Leading the IPC Course has made a big difference for helping her to improve the leadership of curriculum and learning even more at Penwortham.

“This was one of the best courses I have ever attended in 17 years spent in education,” she says. “The structure of the course was great, ensuring that by the time it came to write the action plan, I had a head stuffed full of ideas!” Julia says the time and space dedicated to writing an action plan during the course was particularly welcome. “This is the kind of thing that is so hard to make time for in school, and to have a head clear enough to do it,” she explains. “Through the course, everything was backed up with both theory and lots of examples of good practise. The reminders of IPC principles such as the personal goals and the components of the academic goals (knowledge, skills and understanding) was particularly timely as I realised I was guilty of having lost sight of some of it in the drive to implement IPC this year. A fantastic course!”

In Penwortham’s subject inspection, Ofsted said “The thematic curriculum, developed from the start of this academic year, makes a strong contribution to subject learning. The curriculum provides good opportunities for pupils to explore two- and three-dimensional approaches covering art, craft and design disciplines. Pupils’ experiences are well-planned to build skills logically over time.”