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Fieldwork Education Practitioner Trainers

Fieldwork Education works with a whole team of highly experienced practitioner trainers who work with schools around the world to support the delivery of the Fieldwork Education programmes. These practitioner trainers not only have current hands-on experience with the Fieldwork Education programmes but are also experiencing the same priorities and demands as other teachers and leaders.


Clare Sutton

Clare Sutton

Head of ILMP

Clare Sutton has been working for Fieldwork Education for over five years, and is responsible for running the ILMP which is a successful programme for Middle Leaders and Senior School Leaders.


Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Head of IPC

Before joining Fieldwork Education, Sarah used the International Primary Curriculum for several years as a primary teacher and school leader in the North of England. Sarah was also a visiting lecturer for the PGCE course at the University of Manchester where she obtained her Masters in Education.


Isabel Du Toit

Isabel Du Toit

Head of IMYC

Isabel leads the IMYC in an active and collaborative way supported by an experienced team. Before she joined Fieldwork Education in 2008, she was a secondary Mathematics and Science teacher and school leader for many years. She helped lead the development of the Looking for Learning Toolkit before becoming involved with the IMYC.  As part of the IMYC team from the very beginning, Isabel has worked with many schools, giving advice, training teachers and speaking at conferences, internal and external, worldwide.

Isabel is particularly interested in how the latest research on ‘learning and the brain’ can be utilised to improve student learning in every classroom. She believes the IMYC supports students to become the best they can be by putting their needs first, but equally as important, not losing sight of the academic rigour students need to be competitive in a globalised world.


Jane Denby

Jane Denby

Head of Accreditation

Jane has worked in international education in Brunei, Dubai, Oman, the Netherlands and Russia for over 25 years Jane has been a associate consultant with Fieldwork Education since 2007, leading Summer school courses and providing consultancy and professional development training to schools in the UK and abroad.

Jane has been involved with the IPC since its very beginning. She worked at one of the first Shell schools to pilot the IPC, and worked at the International School of the Hague when it became the first school to be accredited at IPC Mastering level. Jane holds two Masters Degrees, one in teaching English to speakers of other languages and a second one in Educational Management.