Our story

Providing Professional Development support and hands-on, face-to-face mentoring, guidance and expert advice for teachers and leaders has been at the heart of Fieldwork Education for over 25 years.

From its earliest days, Fieldwork Education has recognised that learning is what schools are all about and that everything else in school should be judged on how well it contributes to children’s and students’ learning. Improving learning has been the mission statement of Fieldwork Education from the very beginning and it is the defining characteristic of all of the Professional Development work that is carried out.

For 25 years, the Fieldwork Education Professional Development team has focused on two crucial aspects of school life: implementing curriculum and improving learning which, over more recent years, it has provided in conjunction with the IPC, the IMYC and Looking for Learning, and individually to school leaders and potential leaders through the ILMP. 

Every one of the IPC PD trainers and associate trainers has experience of working with hundreds of teachers around the world each year.