LfL in Action

LfL in Action

The best way to find out about Looking for Learning and the Toolkit is to hear about it from other schools.

There are schools all over the world talking about how they’ve become more learning-focused as a result of Looking for Learning. Here are just a few of their stories. If you want to hear from a school just like yours then do let us know and we’ll put you in touch.

Looking for Learning in action at schools around the world:

What school leaders and teachers are saying about Looking for Learning:

  • What do Headteachers say about Looking for Learning?
  • Maddie Hewitt, Headteacher of the International School in Johannesburg talks about Looking for Learning
  • Mike Horton, Head of the British School of Chicago describes the impact of Looking for Learning
  • Is learning really going on in the classroom? Ask the teachers at the American School of Doha