What is LfL

What is LfL

Looking for Learning is the process of identifying, improving and then increasing learning throughout the school.

It is achieved through collaboration with the entire staff.

One ex-Ofsted inspector who is now Headteacher of the British School of Chicago believes Looking for Learning is “transformational”. This is because Looking for Learning actually helps to change the mindset of teachers; that a busy class, or a lesson well delivered, doesn’t always mean that learning is taking place.

Looking for Learning is available as a consultancy or as a leadership toolkit for school improvement called the Looking for Learning Toolkit. As a consultancy, we have experts who work with you and your team to support you every step of the way with the implementation of the Looking for Learning protocol. The Looking for Learning Toolkit on the other hand is a ‘consultant in a box’ and consists of a series of support manuals and videos guiding you through a whole school transformation to becoming truly learning-focused.

The biggest thing that we’re seeing with all our schools working with Looking for Learning is that everyone, everyone is now beginning to focus on the learning; starting with the learning and then and only then, going on to think about the teaching. It sounds like such a tiny thing but it’s so effective.

The underlying common thread is that the vast majority of our schools are now thinking ‘what are the conditions that we have to create to enable good learning to happen?

Sheila Dentith

Senior Inspector for the Primary Team and Primary Strategy Manager for Warwickshire County Council

Sheila has led the Good to Great strategy in the West Midlands since 2009 where over 130 primary schools have been using the Looking for Learning Toolkit.