The LfL Toolkit

The LfL Toolkit

The LFL Toolkit has been called the “consultant in a box”

The Looking for Learning Toolkit has identified some of the key elements of the successful Looking for Learning consultancy and compiled them into an easy-to-understand set of manuals and DVDs, all packaged into their own tool box.

The Looking for Learning Toolkit is a unique professional development and school improvement programme. It focuses on the core purposes of all schools – improving learning.

The Looking for Learning Toolkit helps you to identify a definition of learning and provides you with a process in order to identify, improve and increase learning in the classroom. It also provides everything you need to analyse how learning-focused your school currently is and all the support you need to make every aspect of your school as learning-focused as possible.

There are several benefits of the Looking for Learning Toolkit:

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s accessible to every school; however small or remote (where consultancy support may be prohibitive)
  • It’s flexible – as a school you can follow the Looking for Learning process in the way that best suits your leadership style, your teachers and your most immediate needs
  • It’s relevant for every school – because at the heart of every school is the need to ensure that all children learn
  • It’s presented in a jargon-free, easy-to-understand, quick-to-read, step-by-step way

We recently achieved Outstanding for our Teaching and Learning from Ofsted. Much of this was down to the way the children were talking about their learning. The inspector was impressed with what and how the children learnt, the lesson observations, and the active learning methods involving the children in the reflecting of their learning. The Looking for Learning Toolkit definitely gave us a head start to making this change.

Jason Henderson

Clifton Upon Dunsmore Primary School, Rugby, Warwickshire