The Manuals

The Manuals

There are five Manuals in the Looking for Learning Toolkit

Volume 1 - Putting it into Practice

Putting it into Practice takes you through the five crucial steps of the Looking for Learning protocol in order to identify, improve and increase learning in the classroom.

Volume 1 includes:

The Background

  • A paradigm shift in attitude
  • Defining learning
  • The learning focused dashboard
  • The Looking for Learning difference
  • A school for learning
  • A language for learning

The Process

  • Leading Looking for Learning in your school
  • Introducing Looking for Leaning into your school
  • The 7 Looking for Learning questions
  • The practicalities of classroom visits and observations


Volume 2 - What is Learning

Volume 2 asks the big question What is Learning? It explains how learning happens, and provides jargon-free explanations of the factors that affect learning.

Volume 2 includes:

  • A brief description of the brain
  • What does learning look like?
  • What affects learning?
  • Good health
  • Making connections
  • Seeing the big picture
  • Relaxed alertness and emotional intelligence
  • A portfolio of intelligences
  • Memory
  • Learning styles
  • Slow thinking


Volume 3 - The Learning-Focused School

The Learning-Focused School explores how learning in classrooms is more effective if it takes place within a learning-focused school; where everything possible, throughout the entire organisation, supports learning. It provides a clear description of what makes a learning-focused school and provides the tools necessary to analyse how learning-focused a school is and how to build upon that.

Volume 3 includes:

Key Principles

  • The importance of focus
  • Introducing the Hedgehog Concept
  • Common Hedgehog Concepts of schools
  • The Hedgehog Concept of schools: learning

What a learning-focused school looks like

  • The four-quadrant framework
  • Learning and the four-quadrant framework
  • 3 descriptions and developmental rubrics about learning
  • 10 descriptions and developmental rubrics about evidence
  • 17 descriptions and developmental rubrics about structures and systems
  • 8 descriptions and developmental rubrics about personal passion for learning
  • 10 descriptions and developmental rubrics about a collective passion for learning
  • The key differences between learning-focused schools and other schools


Volume 4 - Leading and Managing a Learning-Focused School

Leading and Managing a Learning-Focused School provides practical, accessible, jargon-free suggestions for leading and managing a learning-focused school.

Volume 4 includes:


  • How to distinguish between different kinds of evidence
  • How to gather evidence in one place
  • How to disaggregate evidence to draw meaningful conclusions

Personal Passion

  • How to have a sense of the other
  • How to be outcome rather than activity focused
  • How to have a big picture and an eye for detail
  • How to be resilient

Collective Passion

  • How to balance the individual and the collective
  • How to be assertive
  • How to work from consent not consensus
  • How to be self-regulating
  • How to allow feelings as well as ideas
  • How to balance the new and the experienced

Structures and Systems

  • How to write clear targets – instructional and expressive success criteria
  • How to know when to use success criteria
  • How to write learning focused targets
  • How to define the action steps of your plan
  • How to review your plan so that it will work
  • How to have learning focused meetings
  • How to monitor learning
  • How to give feedback about learning
  • How to carry out a learning focused interview
  • How to create learning focused displays
  • How to have learning focused parent evenings
  • How to give parents information about learning
  • How to plan a learning focused curriculum
  • How to plan a learning focused lesson
  • How to write learning focused targets
  • How to conduct a learning focused staff review
  • How to run a learning focused governor/board meeting
  • How to write a learning focused newsletter


Volume 5 - Resources

Volume 5 contains a selection of DVDs showing Looking for Learning in action with teachers in classrooms to support each manual.