Focus on Learning

Focus on Learning

How can Looking for Learning help your school?

Looking for Learning gives you evidence about the quality and quantity of learning that’s happening in classrooms – evidence that you will never have had before.

  • You will know how well children and students are learning in every subject and in any given lesson.
  • You will know and be able to analyse whether children and students are learning knowledge or skills or developing their understanding.
  • You will know whether the learning is appropriate, sufficient and engaging.

Looking for Learning will transform the way teachers see their classrooms.

  • They will have simple to use, shared protocols to help them see what learning is happening.
  • They will have simple to use shared protocols to analyse what learning is happening.
  • Teachers will make the shift from focusing on their teaching to focusing on their children’s and student’s learning.

Looking for Learning will help your school to become learning-focused across every aspect of the organisation.

  • You will be able to build a culture of learning everywhere in your school.
  • Using simple tools, you will be able to analyse a wide range of key activities and processes in your school to see how learning-focused they are; from your staff meetings to your classroom displays to your assemblies.
  • You will be able to follow jargon-free guidance to make each activity and process more learning-focused.

Looking for Learning will help your school to become a professional learning community; one that is fully focused around learning

  • Teachers will work with colleagues to analyse learning in the classroom
  • Teachers will work together to develop a shared definition of learning
  • Teachers will work together to make your school’s activities and processes more learning-focused

What Looking for Learning does not do is wait for test results and assessments in order to find out if learning has happened. Instead, it helps you to ensure that the best possible learning is happening right now.

Looking for Learning is absolutely significant for helping you to understand how much learning is going on. It’s transformational. It’s revolutionary; it’s changed my whole outlook of learning. I’m no longer concerned about SATs scores. If the learning is good in the classroom then the SATs results will be good.

Mike Horton

Headmaster of the British School of Chicago