27 July 2012

IPC Summer School: “Phenomenally Successful”

The 2012 IPC Summer School took place at the International School of The Hague in The Netherlands from 22nd to 25th July and attracted over 150 delegates from 28 countries. Martyn Robinson-Slater from the International School of Bremen summed up the conference in an email to the Fieldwork Education team after the event:

“Emily, Martin I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you and congratulations on such a phenomenally successful Summer School.

The whole event was superb from start to finish, the start being right from the communication from the team in your offices and the prompt response to any request, you are a consummately professional organisation. Sometimes having run conferences in my many years in Education credit is not always given where it is due, in this case the credit comes in bucket loads.

Having experienced in my 34 years in the ‘Education Scene’ many many conferences I can honestly say I came away from Den Haag feeling as if I had learned and experienced so much and that it was another example and confirmation of the fact that my reinvention in Germany in the International School was the right choice. The ‘Acid Test’ was I never once looked at my watch once, sorry not quite true, I did, that was to get back to the room on time to absorb the learning once again.

Good luck with all you do in the future, carry on the brilliant innovative work and I look forward to the next time our paths cross, which I hope will not be too long. It would be good to stay in touch.

Best wishes