Units of work

Units of Work

We know that children learn best when they want to learn.

That’s why the IPC has over 130 different thematic units of learning; all child-friendly, modern-day topics appealing to all ages of primary children; themes include Time Detectives, Airports, I’m Alive, Inventions and Machines and Global Swapshop.

The theme enables young children to remain motivated through the Learning of Science, Geography, History and so on. It also allows them to make purposeful links and connections throughout their learning and to see how their subject learning is related to the world they live in. Within each theme, the IPC suggests many ideas for collaborative learning, for active learning, for learning outside the classroom, for role play, and for children learning from each other.

Each IPC unit incorporates a range of subjects including Science, History, Geography, ICT, Art and PE and provides many opportunities to link literacy and numeracy. Each subject then has a number of learning tasks to help teachers to help children achieve a range of IPC learning goals.

Each unit is appropriate for one of three different age-groups: five to seven year olds, seven to nine year olds, and nine to twelve year olds. The IPC calls these age-groups Mileposts.

Milepost 2 (Age 7-9)

Milepost 3 (Age 9-12)

Art - MP3 - Specialist Unit unit image
Art - MP3 - Specialist Unit

Specialist Course

Black gold? unit image
Black gold?

The Oil Industry

Brainwave unit image

The learning brain

Building a village unit image
Building a village


Champions for change unit image
Champions for change

Rulers and governments

Climate control unit image
Climate control

Climate Change

Drugs Education unit image
Drugs Education

Drugs Awareness

Express yourself unit image
Express yourself


Fairgrounds unit image

Energy, Forces, Sound And Light

Fit for Life unit image
Fit for Life

Health Education

Go with the flow unit image
Go with the flow


Going global unit image
Going global

World Trade And Globalisation

Growing up unit image
Growing up

Sex And Relationships

Here and now, there and then unit image
Here and now, there and then

Host Country And Home Country

ICT - MP3 - Specialist Unit unit image
ICT - MP3 - Specialist Unit

Specialist Course

Making New Materials unit image
Making New Materials

Making New Materials

Making the news unit image
Making the news

Print, Broadcast And Online Journalism

Making things go unit image
Making things go

Energy And Fuels

Mission To Mars unit image
Mission To Mars

Living in Space

Moving people unit image
Moving people


Music - MP3 - Specialist Unit unit image
Music - MP3 - Specialist Unit

Specialist Course

Myths and Legends unit image
Myths and Legends

Myths, Legends And Beliefs

PE - MP3 - Specialist Unit unit image
PE - MP3 - Specialist Unit

Specialist Course

Science - Bake it! unit image
Science - Bake it!

Changing & Separating Materials

Science - Being Human unit image
Science - Being Human

Human Body

Science - Existing…Endangered…Extinct? unit image
Science - Existing…Endangered…Extinct?

Living Things

Science - Extreme Survivors unit image
Science - Extreme Survivors


Science - Fascinating Forces! unit image
Science - Fascinating Forces!


Science - From Bronze to Bioplastic! unit image
Science - From Bronze to Bioplastic!

Grouping and Classifying Materials

Science - Full Power! unit image
Science - Full Power!


Science - Investigators unit image
Science - Investigators

Scientific Enquiry: Materials And Their Properties

Science - Look Hear! unit image
Science - Look Hear!

Sound & Light

Science - Roots, Shoots and Fruits unit image
Science - Roots, Shoots and Fruits


Science - Water for everyone unit image
Science - Water for everyone


Space explorers unit image
Space explorers

Astronomy And Space

Switched on unit image
Switched on

Control Technology

The Athlete unit image
The Athlete

The Olympic Games

The holiday show unit image
The holiday show

Location And Tourism

The Time Tunnel unit image
The Time Tunnel

Chronology And Timelines

They see the world like this unit image
They see the world like this

Artists’ Impressions Of The World

Weather and Climate unit image
Weather and Climate

Weather and Climate

What a wonderful world unit image
What a wonderful world

The Natural World

What Price Progress? unit image
What Price Progress?

Invention And Development

World Cup 2014 - All in one rhythm unit image
World Cup 2014 - All in one rhythm

World Cup 2014