Advisory Board

The role of the International Curriculum Advisory Board (ICAB) is to provide advice, counsel and critical-friendship to the Executive Management Team of the IPC.

This advice includes comments on:

  • The structure, design and impact of the curriculum and associated materials to ensure that they contribute to the highest possible developments in academic, personal and international learning.
  • Maintaining the quality and integrity of the IPC through reviewing and advising on:
    - the self-review and accreditation protocol
    - IPC Professional Development strategy
    - the implementation support provided to member schools.
  • Commissioned and non-commissioned academic research into the IPC.
  • Changes taking place within the wider educational arena that may have impact on the IPC.
  • Extensions of the IPC into Middle Years curriculum provision.

The Advisory Board also provides advice on strategic academic alliances and partnerships useful to further the overall objectives of the IPC.

Advisory Board Members

Professor Jeff Thompson (chair)

Professor Jeff Thompson (chair)

Professor Emeritus of Education

Research Interests: International education - Developing country education - Teacher education - Evaluation - Assessment/curriculum. Teaching Programmes - MA in Education, Doctor of Education (EdD) Doctor of Philosophy (MPhil/PhD).

Chair, Examinations Appeal Board (England, Wales, N. Ireland) Founding Editor and Book Reviews Editor, Journal of Research in International Education Editorial Board, International Schools Journal Senior Consultant, Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification Internal Evaluation Project Immediate Past Chair, Alliance for International Education Director, International Board, United World Colleges

Dr Mary Hayden

Dr Mary Hayden

Senior Lecturer in Education

Director of the Centre for the Study of Education in an International Context (CEIC), Director of Studies, Research Students (EdD), Director Summer School (MA).

Research Interests:
International schools - International education - Assessment - Research methods - Research Programme - Educational policy, globalisation and organisation. Teaching Programmes - MA in Education, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Education (EdD). Editor, Journal of Research in International Education Director, Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification Internal Evaluation Project.

Henk van Hout

Henk van Hout

Currently Head of Education Services, Shell international BV, Shell HQ The Hague

Henk started working in Education in 1979. After teaching in secondary, special needs and for a longer period of time in primary education, he accepted his first Headship at the Netherlands School in Lagos Nigeria in 1991. After three years he became Head of the Shell School in Heliopolis, Cairo. After Egypt he became Head of the Dutch department of Panaga School and Deputy Principal. In 2003 he repatriated to the Netherlands and accepted a post as Director of the primary school of the Haagsche School Vereeniging.

In 2004 he became Superintendant of the HSV Foundation and was leading the senior management team of the international department of HSV (three locations)two Dutch primary schools, a special needs school and a separate school for dyslectic children. On the 1st April 2007 Henk rejoined Shell as Head of Education Services. His office is in Central HR in Shell Headquarters, The Netherlands. Henk holds a master’s degree in Educational Superintendence, and a bachelor’s degree in education.