IPC Beginning Courses


An Introduction to the IPC (2 day course)

This 2 day course will be followed by a 1 day workshop of your choice.

Who is this course for? 

This course is most suitable for those teachers and educators who:

  • Have no prior knowledge or experience of the IPC Main Programme or…  
  • Are beginning to implement or are considering implementing the IPC Main Programme or…  
  • Have been working with the IPC Main Programme for less than one year or…   
  • Have been working with the IPC Main Programme for some time and would like to attend a refresher course

By the end of the course you will:

  • Know about the IPC philosophy and beliefs – the big picture     
  • Know about the subject, personal and international goals and the four Early Years learning strands
  • Be able to implement personal goals and develop international mindedness in your school
  • Be able to identify key Learning Goals in each subject and be aware of assessment for learning opportunities across the units
  • Know about the structure of the IPC units (the different elements and the purposes of these)
  • Know some of the underlying principles of brain friendly learning, and how these underpin the activities in the units
  • Be able to plan for implementing the IPC units – timetabling, practicalities and resourcing
  • Be able to put the IPC Main Programme and Early Years programme into practice in the classroom
  • Know how to use the online Route Planner to track coverage of Learning Goals across subjects
  • Be able to use the Members’ Lounge to support teaching and learning


An Introduction to the IPC Early Years (2 day course)


If you have any queries about South East Asia Summer School please contact Lauren at [email protected] or 0044 (0)207 531 9696.