Our Commitment to You

At IPC, we’re committed to supporting schools through changes to the National Curriculum for England and beyond. In addition to our knowledgeable membership team, we’ve created brand new cross referencing documents to support your planning as well as three sample route plans that you can follow to ensure coverage of the new framework.

With 23 new units recently developed (including 10 specifically for the new National Curriculum) and over 50 updated units, the IPC now includes 130+ thematic units of work.


Sample route plans:

Our three sample route plans offer the quickest possible way of covering the National Curriculum – where possible there are spare weeks left over in the route plans so that you can add in other IPC units of your choice.

These sample route plans are based on our NEW units of work, and our existing units of work which we’ve updated. They are designed to provide you with the foundation, while offering flexibility - within each Milepost, the unit order can be changed as we haven’t designed a ‘narrative’ in terms of the order that the units appear in.


Cross reference documents:

Our cross reference documents cover all subjects of the IPC, clearly showing where our IPC units of work match up to the outcomes of the National Curriculum. These documents also show which units are ‘worth exploring’ – i.e. have the potential to cover the outcomes of the new National Curriculum if schools are prepared to do their own tweaking and adapting to make this happen.

These documents offer you greater control over choosing your route through the IPC units. They are based on our NEW units of work, and our existing, updated units of work.


Want to learn more about how the IPC can support you in achieving the learning goals of the National Curriculum 2014?

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