Annual European Summer School 2015 Trainers

Below is the list of this year's trainers!




Courses: Identifying, Assessing and Improving Children’s Learning

Sarah is Head of the International Primary Curriculum at Fieldwork Education, where she has been supporting, training and developing IPC schools around the world for over four years.
During this time she has taken part in a number of accreditation and pre-accreditation visits, working in a team of heads and external advisors to ensure high standards of implementation at schools working at a developing and mastering level of the IPC.

Before this role, Sarah worked as an IPC leader and practitioner herself, helping to manage the implementation of the IPC at a school in the North West of England. In her teaching career, she worked with children from Reception to Year 6, taking on the roles of Special Needs Co-ordinator, Literacy leader and member of the Senior Management Team.

Sarah is particularly passionate about the IPC's clear focus on improving learning, and believes it is vital that educators are enthused about learning in order to equip their children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need for their future in a rapidly changing world.




Workshops: Becoming a Learning Focused School

Marco is the founding Head of the International School of London in Surrey. A school which has been rated by the English educational Authorities as ‘Outstanding’ on every aspect of Learning. In his school, Marco has been working on implementing the IPC programme since 2005. As the current Head of Primary, he has led his school through two IPC accreditations, making ISL Surrey the first IPC accredited school in the UK and the first one in the UK to be accredited at Mastering level. Since their accreditation, ISL Surrey has welcomed many professionals worldwide who wanted to learn more about their approach to learning and the way they have implemented the IPC. Marco and his team have become accustomed to sharing their learning with other schools and professionals. They believe it is the next step in their own development.

Marco has supported schools with setting up their curriculum or preparing for IPC accreditation. He is part of the Fieldwork IPC Accreditation team, visiting schools in the UK and abroad. Marco has written programmes on developing leadership in schools and creating learning policies.

As trainer and workshop facilitator, he has focused on varied areas of learning and teaching. In the workshop Becoming a Learning Focused School, he will aim to bring all of them together for you in one big day on learning.

In the earlier stages of his career Marco worked as a teacher in English state schools and Dutch SEN schools before making the step to International education.




Courses: Bottom Line Nine: Key Principles to Successfully Implement the IPC
Workshops: The IPC Self-Review & Accreditation Process

Jane is head of self-review and accreditation for the IPC. Jane has worked in international education in Brunei, Dubai, Oman, the Netherlands and Russia for over 25 years and has been an associate consultant with Fieldwork since 2007, leading Summer School courses and providing consultancy and professional development training to schools in the UK and abroad.

She has been involved with the IPC since its very beginning as she was working in one of the first Shell schools to pilot the IPC, and was working at the International School of the Hague when it became the first school to be accredited at Mastering level. Jane holds two Masters Degrees, one in teaching English to speakers of other languages and a second one in Educational Management, with her thesis on accreditation and curriculum.




Courses: Leading the IMYC
Workshops: IMYC Open Workshop Day

Isabel leads the IMYC for Fieldwork Education, also taking responsibility for development, improvement and curriculum updates. She is an experienced teacher and trainer and was a secondary mathematics teacher and school leader for many years before joining Fieldwork in 2008. Isabel is passionate about learning and is particularly interested in how the latest research on ‘learning and the brain’ can be utilised to improve student learning in every classroom. Isabel has worked with many schools, consulting with leaders, training teachers and speaking at many conferences, including International School Conferences like ECIS and ELSA.




Workshops: Introduction to the IPC

For the past six years, Katie has worked for Fieldwork Education supporting schools in the UK and Internationally to implement and develop the International Primary Curriculum. Katie has been involved in school based training, leading PD days and courses at regional conferences and summer schools and has also been involved in writing some of the units of work.

Katie has been working with the IPC from its beginning. In Oman, she was involved in piloting and implementing the first IPC units, in a founder member school. In Russia, she was the IPC Leader for Learning, with responsibility for implementing and developing the IPC across the school.

As an IPC practitioner-trainer, part of her role is to provide training and support to schools implementing the IPC, as well as staff professional development. Prior to joining Fieldwork, Katie taught for four years in the UK and for ten years in international schools as a classroom teacher and curriculum leader. Katie brings a wealth of practical experience of the IPC in action.




Workshops: Big Picture of the IPC Early Years

Janice was Deputy Head of Primary and Head of the Lower School at The International School of The Hague (ISH) before joining Fieldwork Education in 2007. At ISH Janice helped to lead the introduction of the IPC throughout the primary school. She has extensive experience of working in schools in the UK and internationally, especially in the Gulf and North Africa where she has taught in Kuwait, Egypt and Libya.

Janice’s area of specialism is Early Years and in 2013 she completed an MA in Early Childhood Education with The University of Sheffield. Janice’s area of research involved exploring the potential neuroscience offers for understanding how our brains work and for improving how young children learn and perform.

In March 2013 Janice was invited to participate in the first science - education collaboration initiated by the Wellcome Trust and The Education Endowment Foundation. This project involves neuroscientists and educators collaborating to consider evidence-based interventions for use in the classroom and to test in a robust and rigorous manner existing tools and practices.

Janice has been involved is supporting schools in their journey towards IPC accreditation for five years. She has been part of pre-accreditation and accreditation teams world-wide for both the IPC and The Council of International Schools (CIS).

Janice has been supporting Shell and Shell Affiliated Schools on behalf of Nord Anglia Education for the past two years.




Courses: Introducing the IMYC
Workshops: IMYC Networking and Planning Session

Preet is an integral part of the IMYC Learning Team. She is responsible for introducing and developing the IMYC across the UK and Europe and supports the IMYC schools community globally by working, sharing and collaborating with them. Preet has been involved with the IMYC since the planning and development of the curriculum began.

Preet joined Fieldwork in 2009 and was involved in the growth and development of the Looking for Learning Toolkit and has helped school leaders to improve schools by improving student learning. Preet has over 10 years’ experience of working with school leaders across the primary and secondary school sectors providing support, advice, guidance and training on curriculum resources, assessment tools and IT solutions.

Preet is passionate about improving learning and believes the IMYC will support schools and student’s to embrace and love learning.




Courses: Introducing the IMYC
Workshops: IMYC Open Workshop Day

Phil Randay is an integral member of the IMYC Learning Team joining the group in 2014. He is responsible for contributing to the development of the curriculum, particularly in the area of assessment for learning and working with schools on the implementation of the program. Phil is an experienced Geography teacher both in the UK and Internationally, who has taught and led the implementation of the IMYC for several years at a school in Mexico City.

Phil is experienced in working with schools, consulting with leaders and is passionate about working with teachers to improve learning and believes the IMYC will support schools and student’s to embrace and love learning.




Workshops: Assessment for Learning with the IPC

Helen O’Donoghue has been an international educator for more than twenty five years. She has been the Principal of two large international schools and most recently was the Executive Head Teacher of two Free Schools in London. She is passionate about children’s learning and helping schools improve and become more learning focussed. Helen was Assistant Director for Professional Development at Fieldwork Education, a role that took her to many parts of the world, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, France, Holland, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland as well as working with schools in the UK.

Helen’s key strength is working with schools from their unique starting point, coaching and mentoring them on their journey to become more learning focussed. Helen is now a freelance consultant and trainer, working closely with leadership teams to help their schools improve, with a particular focus on children’s learning. She is an accredited trainer for “Thinking Schools International” and remains an associate trainer for Fieldwork Education.




Courses: Towards mastering and beyond: the ongoing journey of improving learning

Mary van der Heijden worked as a Headteacher at one of the first schools to implement the IPC in 2000. She has a wide range of experience in the UK and worldwide in national and International schools. She has also worked as an IPC trainer since 2006, leading IPC summer school courses both in Asia and Europe and has accredited schools for IPC. Leaving her career as a teacher and headteacher in schools she is about to become a full time educational consultant.

Mary has an MA in International Education from the University of Bath and is currently studying for an additional MA through the Institute of Education, London. She offers a lively, interactive workshop approach to learning. Mary is particularly interested in curriculum development, first and additional language development, coaching and using technology as a tool towards improving learning in schools.



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