International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)

Making Meaning, Connecting Learning, Developing Minds


The IMYC addresses the needs of middle years (11- 14 year old/KS3) students and helps them develop as 21st Century learners. It is based on clearly defined subject learning goals and standards which outline the knowledge, skills and understanding across all subjects, international mindedness and the personal development students need during their middle years experience.

The IMYC provides freedom and autonomy for teachers. It enables them to choose how to reach each learning goal, using the IMYC unit tasks, or adapting them to their students’ needs, to facilitate learning and skills development. Throughout the three years of the IMYC they will have multiple opportunities to enable the practical development of skills and allow sufficient time in class for students to practise properly.

For schools, the IMYC provides a cohesive structure that links learning and develops knowledge, skills and understanding across multiple subjects all linked to a unifying conceptual idea delivered over a six-week period. It has been developed with the understanding that schools should not be forced to revise their school structure. It complements and supports existing middle and secondary school structures and planning processes. It creates formal opportunities for subject teachers from multiple disciplines to collaborate and provides a cohesive learning experience for all students – again promoting relevance, engagement, skills and subject knowledge acquisition, personal and international development.

Once schools become members of the IMYC they can access the IMYC Members’ Lounge. The Members’ Lounge supports teachers in their planning and use of the IMYC and helps them to become part of a worldwide learning community using the IMYC. It includes handy tools like the Route Planner - an innovative teacher-friendly tool that helps teachers plan for their subjects for a whole year, ensuring suitable subject coverage of the learning goals for every year group. The Assessment for Learning programme and its tracking tool are resources that help teachers track subject skills over three years and give teachers online access to the latest updated IMYC units.


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