Projects In Progress

Updates for 2015

15 of our units are currently being updated with links to computing and ICT, meaning that these will be compliant with the new National Curriculum for England. We have now updated The Magic Toymaker, Hooray…Let’s Go On Holiday!, Flowers and Insects, Our World and From A to B in Milepost 1, and Active Planet, Saving the world, Different places, similar lives?, Gateways to the world and Living Together in Milepost 2. We have just updated Mission to Mars, The Holiday Show and What a Wonderful World in Milepost 3, with three more units to be completed by July 2015. All updated units appear in the sample route plans for the National Curriculum for England.

Check out our completely revised and updated Milepost 1 unit ‘A day in the life’ (formally entitled The things people do). We have updated the cover, content and learning goals (so please bear this in mind if you would like to use this unit instead of the original one, as it will have implications for your route planner) following some feedback and ideas we got from IPC teachers. Your ideas and suggestions really do make a difference, so if you have any feedback for our writers about any of the units please contact us by emailing [email protected].

We have now released a BRAND NEW Brainwave unit for Milepost 1. We know this has been a tremendously popular unit in Mileposts 2 and 3 and we wanted to make sure the whole school had a chance to learn about learning! The Brainwave units in Mileposts 2 and 3 have also been significantly changed and updated. These units will guide you through sharing different aspects of learning with your children: metacognition, growth mindsets, the structure of an IPC unit, the IPC Personal Goals, international mindedness, introducing assessment for learning, the differences between knowledge, skills and understanding and much, much more!

ALL of our units will be refreshed in the coming months – ready to use for the next academic year. They will include up-to-date web links and statistics and a greater emphasis the IPC personal goals. Make sure you keep logging on to the Members’ Lounge so that you are using the latest versions!



It has come to our attention that our printers haven’t included the updated versions of the following units in recent shipments: From A to B (Milepost 1, Set 1), How Humans Work (Milepost 2, Set 5) and What Price Progress?(Milepost 3, Set 10). However, the updated, NC-compliant versions are available online through our Members’ Lounge. In fact, going online to access our units ensures you are always using the most recent versions! We’re sorry that these slipped through - if you would like us to print out any of the three units listed above and send them through the post please let us know by emailing [email protected] with your school name and address. 

Brand new mini unit: ‘Listen to Us’

We’ve just released a brand new mini unit, ‘Listen to Us’, to support a project which is close to our hearts at the IPC – Voices Around The World. VATW is a not for profit organisation dedicated to linking the voices of young people around the world through music. Each year VATW invite schools to be involved in making an international music recording, and broke all records last year with nearly 4000 voices from 42 different countries on their recording of the original composition ‘Unshakeable’.

Many of our member schools have been involved in VATW over the past couple of years, and we hope this unit will encourage more to take part. The unit, which is differentiated to support children from Milepost 1 – Milepost 3, covers aspects of society, history, music, ICT and international, as well as meeting the outcomes of the National Curriculum for England in music. In the unit children will also learn more about Nelson Mandela – how his voice and actions helped to bring about positive change, and the sacrifices he made for what he believed in. Mandela is one of this year’s Black History Month Heroes, and this unit is a great way for children to learn more about his inspiring life and achievements.

Click to download the brand new unit ‘Listen to Us’ in Milepost 1, Milepost 2and Milepost 3.

Check out the VATW website for more information on the project, and to access their free downloadable resources which accompany this unit.