A KS3 Curriculum

A KS3 curriculum

The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) improves the way 11 – 14 year olds learn. It is specifically designed around the needs of the developing adolescent brain providing challenging, engaging, connected learning that young high school students find relevant and inspiring.


How does this KS3 curriculum work?

Learning with the IMYC takes place in six week units, each based upon a conceptual idea, called the 'big idea'. This enables students to find links in their subject learning and make meaning though a personal and global perspective. An example of the big idea for one IMYC unit is: 'Things are more stable when different elements are in the correct or best possible proportions'.


KS3 learning benefits of the IMYC

The IMYC is a rigorous academic platform that ensures the learning of knowledge, skills and understanding of subjects and supports the development of personal dispositions and international mindedness.

At the end of each unit, students present their own understanding of the big idea to their teachers and class, to parents or even the whole school in the form of a media project. This gives students the opportunity to develop and present their own ideas, and to regularly practise and improve their communication and technological skills.


A learning process specifically designed for the KS3 brain

The IMYC's unique learning process which is based on research principles, connects subject learning in a way that is suited specifically to the 11 – 14 year old brain. It also creates opportunities for teachers to collaborate and communicate across different subject areas. This creates a learning environment that helps students to become confident, independent learners, providing the necessary academic rigour to prepare them well for qualifications such as the GCSE or IGCSE, A levels and IB Diploma.


Who is using the IMYC?

The IMYC is recognised by schools of all backgrounds as being a curriculum that challenges, engages and connects learning through the school.

Below are just some of the schools that are using the IMYC in 28 countries around the world.


Background of the IMYC

The IMYC is part of Fieldwork Education which, since 1984, has also been helping schools around the world to develop children's learning though the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Looking for Learning (LfL), and the International Leadership and Management Programme (ILMP).


For more information about the IMYC, please download your copy of the IMYC information pack, or contact us on +44(0)207231 9696 or email to [email protected]