What Schools Are Saying


Early this year, we took to the road to host a number of sessions across England on the IPC and the new National Curriculum. Over 300 schools attended, working together to tackle the new National Curriculum, finding out more about the ways in which the IPC can support this and most importantly learning and connecting with each other.

Here are what a few schools said after the sessions:

I would like to thank you for the very enjoyable, informative and inspiring training session yesterday. Your knowledge and passion for the importance of children's learning and the way children learn best really shone through.

Deputy Headteacher from Birmingham


Pupils' learning and enjoyment are supported by the exciting, internationally-themed curriculum that the school provides. Leaders are already planning how the many strengths in this provision can be sustained when a new National Curriculum is introduced next year.

OFTSED Report 2013

Moseley C of E Primary School, Birmingham


The curriculum is outstanding. The learning experiences it provides are matched exceptionally well to pupils' abilities and needs. Topics taught across a range of subjects, such as learning about volcanoes, arouse great enthusiasm among pupils. The organisation of the curriculum enables teachers to build very effectively on pupils' previous learning.

OFTSED Report 2013

Wickhambrook Community Primary in Suffolk


The IPC is not an off-the-peg solution; I see it as a quality toolkit with great scaffolding and a great system to follow which allows schools to develop the learning to suit the needs of their school and their children; in other words, to make it their own.

Jo Speller, Headteacher, Ryders Hayes School, Walsall


The IPC cross-reference document and the route planner gave us a lot of confidence that the rigor was being addressed and now we can see clearly if there is any coverage gaps. This really provides a fail-safe system for schools in England.

Cathryn Downing, Headteacher, Stamford Park Junior School, Hale, Cheshire


The IPC enables us to teach subjects in context, so that children can see the purpose of what they're learning. It's constantly making links between subject learning and for us that's been one of the successes.

Vivian Onwubalili, Headteacher, Stepney Green Coat Primary School, Tower Hamlets, London


The IPC is worth every penny for what it's doing is making every child want to learn more. Its cross-curricular approach means that subjects are embedded within each unit. No longer are we stopping one lesson to move onto another that's completely unrelated. Now it's all about building on a theme and, as a result, the children become completely engaged.

Caroline Quinn, Headteacher, All Souls Catholic Primary, Coventry


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