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Voices Around The World

The IPC has just released a brand new mini unit, 'Listen to Us!', to support a project which is close to our hearts at the IPC – Voices Around The World (VATW). VATW is a not for profit organisation dedicated to linking the voices of young people around the world through music. Each year VATW invite schools to be involved in making an international music recording, and broke all records last year with nearly 4,000 voices from 42 different countries on their recording of the original composition 'Unshakeable'.

Many of our member schools have been involved in VATW over the past couple of years, and we hope this unit will encourage more to take part. The unit, which is differentiated to support children from Milepost 1 – Milepost 3, covers aspects of Society, History, Music, ICT and International Learning, as well as meeting the outcomes of the National Curriculum for England in music.

In the unit, children will also learn more about Nelson Mandela. Mandela is one of this year’s Black History Month Heroes, and this unit is a great way for children to learn more about his inspiring life and achievements.

The Main Components of the 2014-15 'Listen To Us!' Project

  1. Rehearsing, recording and submitting vocals to be part of the international recording
  2. Making and submitting a 20-30 second video of your students presenting their views about vital actions needed to change the world
  3. Linking with a school or other schools to work with you on the singing part of the project vocals
  4. Using the 'Listen to Us!' unit to bring the project to life through Society, History, Music, ICT and International Learning.

Click here to download you brand new mini unit, ‘Listen to Us!’

Check out the VATW website for more information on the project, and to access their free downloadable resources which accompany this unit. http://www.voicesaround.com/


Click here to download your ‘Listen to Us!’ unit