Units of work

Units of Work

Each IMYC unit of work involves six weeks of learning based around a ‘Big Idea’ which aims to help students in every year group from 11 to 14 to achieve coherence and connection within their subjects. Each IMYC unit has a theme, but more important than the theme is the Big Idea related to that theme.

The Big Idea elevates the theme to much broader, abstract, conceptual thinking; challenging students to extend their focus beyond that of a simple theme.

For example, in the IMYC Balance unit, students’ learning is all based around the Big Idea that ‘Things are more stable when different elements are in the correct or best possible proportions,’ and in the Collaboration unit, learning follows the Big Idea that ‘When people work together they can achieve a common goal’. 

Throughout their individual lessons, students make connections to the Big Idea by extrapolating how it relates to each of their subjects. A teaching framework for the unit, contains suggested learning tasks, based on the IMYC learning goals, to support teachers with their delivery of the knowledge, skills and understanding for their subject and the fostering of personal dispositions and international mindedness, all related to the Big Idea.