IMYC Learning Goals

IMYC Learning Goals

Learning Goals define what students might be expected to know, what they might be able to do and the understandings they might develop as they move through school.

The Learning Goals are the foundation on which the International Middle Years Curriculum is built.  Well written learning goals guide teaching and learning and help to focus assessment and evaluation.

Everything in the IMYC is based on these learning goals which outline the knowledge, skills and understanding across all of the subjects and international mindedness, as well as the personal dispositions students need to develop through this period. From the learning goals come the learning targets.

The subject goals

The subject goals cover the development of knowledge, skills and the understanding in science, art, ICT, music, history, design and technology, PE, geography and English.

These subject goals are linked in the IMYC by a ‘rope’ (the IMYC Big Idea) for students to hold on to as they move from subject to subject. This enables them to connect their learning and to see how subjects interrelate while they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in each subject in a rigorously academic way.

The personal goals

The personal goals refer to those individual qualities and dispositions we believe students will find essential as they move into adulthood. 11 to 14 year olds have very different needs to primary or senior learners. It’s not all hormones and attitude; their brains are changing. They are searching for personal meaning, they need to make sense of their learning, they need active involvement with their peers and they need to make connections.

The IMYC personal goals take into consideration these personal needs and the crucial, adaptive period these students are in.

The international goals

The IMYC international goals help 11-14 year olds develop a sense of their place in the world and that of others.

Learning targets

Because we want the IMYC to be flexible to meet the needs of your school and your students, we encourage your teachers to set learning targets based on the IMYC learning goals. This means that the learning your students will be doing will take advantage of the circumstances that are local and unique to your school.

So if the IMYC learning goal talks about students knowing how rivers are formed, the learning target will specifically identify which river is going to be studied. This means that the IMYC learning goals can then allow for precise, locally-based and relevant content.