Our three guiding questions

Our three guiding questions

The IMYC has been developed around, what we believe to be, three crucial guiding questions:

What kind of world will our students live and work in?

Teaching and learning is exciting (and difficult) because it looks both forward and back. We look back because, in part, learning is about taking on the heritage of our culture and learning about what has made us who we are. We look forward because we know the world is going to be different than it was and we accept the challenge of making the best judgments we can about what that world will look like.

What kinds of children are likely to succeed in the world?

We are tasked with making the best predictions possible about the state of the world in the future. We have to do this because it guides our thinking about what kinds of people children will need to be. Their personal dispositions will be the key to whether children can make the best of their learning in the years to come.

What kinds of learning will our students need and how should they learn it?

A view about the future world and the personal qualities that will matter helps us decide what kinds of learning young people will need. Knowing what kinds of learning they need guides us to what learning should look like in the classroom.