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Isabel du Toit

Isabel du Toit

Head of IMYC

Isabel leads the IMYC in an active and collaborative way supported by an experienced team. Before she joined Fieldwork Education in 2008, she was a secondary Mathematics and Science teacher and school leader for many years. She helped lead the development of the Looking for Learning Toolkit before becoming involved with the IMYC.  As part of the IMYC team from the very beginning, Isabel has worked with many schools, giving advice, training teachers and speaking at conferences, internal and external, worldwide.

Isabel is particularly interested in how the latest research on ‘learning and the brain’ can be utilised to improve student learning in every classroom. She believes the IMYC supports students to become the best they can be by putting their needs first, but equally as important, not losing sight of the academic rigour students need to be competitive in a globalised world.


Preet Khukh

Preet Khukh

IMYC Learning Team

Preet is an integral part of the IMYC Learning Team. She is responsible for introducing and developing the IMYC across the UK and Europe and supports the IMYC schools community globally by working, sharing and collaborating with them. Preet has been involved with the IMYC since the planning and development of the curriculum began.

Preet joined Fieldwork in 2009 and was involved in the growth and development of the Looking for Learning Toolkit and has helped school leaders to improve schools by improving student learning. Preet has over 10 years’ experience of working with school leaders across the primary and secondary school sectors providing support, advice, guidance and training on curriculum resources, assessment tools and IT solutions.

Preet is passionate about improving learning and believes the IMYC will support schools and student’s to embrace and love learning.


Stevie Osborne

Stevie Osborne

New Schools Support Executive

Stevie has worked with the IPC for four years. She is responsible for all enquiries from schools considering the IPC. This includes distributing information and sample materials and answering questions. Stevie also supports schools with IPC Assessment for Learning database training.